This Week’s Tweets

  • <geektalk> I love how the iPhone 4 simulator runs at a size on my screen physically larger than my physical iPad. </geektalk> #
  • Just ran across an old design for my homepage back in 2004. Oh. My. God. #
  • iTunes 10 sure is a lot faster at syncing my iPhone. That's worth the download alone. #
  • ABC is reporting that the Coast Guard is responding to a reported oil rig explosion in the Gulf. #
  • Dear Lumber Liquidators: I only have so much floor. No, I can't keep buying floors from you. Please remove me from your email list. #
  • Hey, Lafayette (namely @DougMasson), is that rain out there? Really? What's it like? Is it wet? #
  • The Rolling Stones are not on Ping. Therefore, the system is useless to me. #
  • Apple even wants to approve your Ping profile photo before it'll go online. #
  • Nothing brings rain to central Indiana like having a Refresh event. #
  • RT @nevenmrgan: Hey, another blue circle in my Dock. Awesome. #
  • Apple won't let me tell Comcast to screw off yet. Dangit, Steve, make it happen! #
  • Here's a Facebook comment I love: What if IndyGo downgraded some buses to large vans? #
  • Just because it came to me just now, I'm copywriting the word "Kindlebrary". Which is a public library of Kindle books. You're welcome. #
  • The whole Digg v4 fiasco has certainly proven one thing: do not piss off techies; we stick together. #
  • Brandon and I have had a fun evening of cooking. We made sushi earlier, and now he's making cookies to ensure no meal goes by healthily. #
  • I just emptied my pot of tea, and that's everybody's problem. #
  • RT @bluetidepro: Wow, that is mind-blowing, amazing! (USE GOOGLE CHROME FOR IT) RT @Chaddoesdesign #
  • Things that cause Dreamweaver to crash: looking at HTML #
  • YouTube lists "Another Brick in the Wall" among the recommended videos when viewing IUPUI's channel. #
  • Darnit, Digg! I loved reading the comment sections b/c they were generally intelligent. Not so much at Reddit. A sad day for the Internets. #
  • RT @refreshindy: We'd love to see you out at RefreshIndy's meetup next Wed. You can reserve your spot now at #

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