This Week’s Tweets

  • Microsoft is so lame. Look at this photo stream. At one point, they're putting a giant iPhone in a hearse. #
  • Onion Sports on the Colts… Player to Watch: Safety Bob Sanders until he gets injured in week four, then Peyton Manning #
  • WOO HOO! My mortgage payment has finally dropped to just $700! That's down from $945 when I moved in. Thanks, Mitch! #
  • The Postal Service still works on Friday, right? Because my mailman is over 2 hours late. #
  • A federal judge has ruled 'Don't ask, don't tell' unconstitutional. #
  • Who knew double tapping the iPad's home button brings up iPod controls? #
  • Libertarian folk sure are having a field day with Fidel Castro's admission that socialism "doesn't work". #
  • Hahaha! Did you hear the one about IPS spending $300k+ a year on cell phones while teachers dumpster-dive in Carmel for supplies? I know. #
  • If you wanted to be evil, you could register domains for potential clients and if they didn't hire your team, retain the domain. #
  • Has anyone ever heard of our tried Suma for WordPress? #
  • Does anyone know of a handy open-source setup for online subscription management? #
  • RT @Ihnatko: Watch Google's "big announcement" — whatever it is — at — Event livecast in progress. #
  • I have my iPhone plugged in already in anxious anticipation of 4.1. #
  • No matter what holiday, the citizens of Indianapolis evidently do not realize that trash pickup is delayed by a day. #
  • Mr. Obama can cross Indiana off his infrastructure to-do list. cc @AimingHigherIN @MyManMitch #Mitch2012 #
  • News flash: future hiring in the US likely to benefit the highly-skilled. #
  • RT @joshcorken: Looks like I'm not the only one who's had big problems with @Delta! Best of luck, @davegrodzki. #
  • The Internet sure is quiet today — get to work, everyone! #
  • Has anyone hacked the new AppleTV yet? No? Seriously? Someone get Boxee on that thing alongside Netflix and I'll bite. #
  • What with it being a nice day, it seems like the best time to shut the curtains in my office and dig into some code. #
  • Stephen Colbert Rally – Restoring Truthiness #
  • Aaaand it's 1:30 in the morning. Not real sure how that worked out. #

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