This Week’s Tweets

  • Way to stay busy, Indy. We're the nation's most sexually satisfied city. #
  • Crazy Taiwanese CGI folks turn Steve Jobs into a ninja: #
  • MIND BLOWN! Andy Griffith Show and The Daily Show have merged. If only they featured ER and "Start Me Up" in the background, I'd die. #
  • Mayberry WTF FTW! #
  • Not sure why it takes so long to roll out the #newtwitter I mean, don't you just update styles.css and call it a night? #
  • Hey, why don't you come to Refresh's October meetup? We're having a demo night. #
  • Help teachers pay for supplies AND get Colbert's attention to Restore Truthiness with a rally in DC: #
  • Oct. 4 is the deadline for voter registration. Get your info updated, then, vote for Rebecca Sink-Burris and Mike Wherry! #
  • We're number 1! We're number 1! My home of Washington Co. rank highest in Ind. for percentage of adult smokers (46%). Yee haw? #
  • Daily Show to film in DC in October. Will Colbert come to Restore Truthiness? #
  • Do you ever look at a website that's just so piss poor it makes you angry? #

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