This Week’s Tweets

  • Oh I've been workin' on the rail road, all the live long day…sing it with me now! This time, say "info. super hwy" for "rail road". #
  • I need an Excel (for Mac) genius to tell me how to automate the process of splitting 1 4,000 row sheet into multiple 200 row sheets. #
  • "Dear Tea Party; It's not really "taking it back" if you're going to hand it over to another group of big gov't politicians." – Robert White #
  • Productivity has increased by 450% across the globe in the last 10 minutes while Facebook is broken. #
  • Forbes reporting that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg now worth more than Steve Jobs. All kinds of wrong. #
  • Random observation: since the advent of the iPhone, there's been less usage of obnoxious and stupid ringtones. #
  • I'm hearing rumblings that Just Cookies in Downtown Indy refused service to a GLBT event at IUPUI. Anyone got some dirt? Or chips? #
  • Tweeting just for "Gayroller 2000" and "OMG Gay": #
  • This is my obligatory Glee tweet. #
  • Stay classy, Republicans. ABC News reporting the Republicans have successfully blocked "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" repeal in the Senate. #
  • Selling my 24" iMac for $1200. If you're interested, hit me up. Otherwise, it's going on eBay. 2.66 Ghz Core 2-Duo, 4 GB RAM, OS 10.6. #

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