This Week’s Tweets

  • Not doing so well today. #
  • Dangit, <DIV>! – I COMMAND YOU TO SIT STILL! #
  • Oh my. I just remembered that as a kid I enjoyed watching figure skating. Life just became much clearer. #
  • Do you suppose Todd Palin is getting Sarah Palin a Samsung Rogue cellphone this year for Christmas? #
  • "What we've tried to do with Windows 7 – whether it's traditional format or in a touch format – is create a Mac look and feel." – Microsoft #
  • I've heard of five designers/developers being laid off in Indy in the last 2 days. WTF? #
  • Just saw an actual tumbleweed blowing across State Ave. at Washington Street on the near eastside of Indy. #
  • reporting that the Beatles library will be online in iTunes on December 15th. #
  • Ind. Coroner in Elkhart blames high suicide rate on recession: Rich Burd died, too: #
  • Lots of rumors regarding Aerosmith's break-up. If true, this is a sad day for Justin. #
  • Google is offering free Wi-Fi at 47 airports, including Indy's for the holidays: #
  • Dreamweaver just crashed so hard on my machine, I bet you heard it across the Twitter-State. #
  • Today's IE quirk: Internet Explorer treats MS Word Template files as ZIP files, which open to XML files. Solution: put template in ZIP file. #
  • Interesting chart on support of same-sex marriage categorized by age and state: #
  • Even Big Ben is on Twitter: #
  • I totally own the 9th Google result for "Laws About Pickles": #
  • Vancouver GAP store turns everything upside down (literally): #
  • The Denver Post has an interesting collection of photos of 1 boy's experience from start to finish in the US Army: #
  • 50% of 9 out of 10 people agree that math is hard. #
  • MSNBC is reporting the Health Care Bill has passed the House. 219 Yea votes, 1 Republican. 176 Nay votes, 39 Democrat. #

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