This Week’s Tweets

  • Gov. Daniels has lost his dog near 106th and Spring Mill Rd. It probably went looking for some spare change. #
  • Show of hands: am I the only web person around that gets irked by the high costs of web conferences? #
  • I'm confused. @MyManMitch says Daniels ranks #1 from Cato. Cato says he's 17th? #
  • 13 years ago today, The Rolling Stones released "Bridges to Babylon", my favorite Stones album. #
  • This episode of Glee is kinda lame. #
  • I know what I want for Christmas: one of the original Ford police cars used by Barney Fife: #
  • Did Indy's Auto Workers Union REALLY just vote themselves into unemployment? Is no job better than less of a job now? #
  • Oh my god. Netflix has all the seasons of Matlock available for rent! #
  • Deleting 6.2 million files from my recycle bin. Wee! #
  • Emptying the trash on my iMac. Still counting up the files — it's at 4,562,560 and counting. I should take out the trash more often. #

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