This Week’s Tweets

  • Anyone have any experience with micro-loan financing? (See: #
  • Behold! My trash tree! #
  • Sitting here, it occurred to me that Brandon and I are going on vacation next week. I haven't really vacationed in over 2 years. #
  • IU researchers discover women always answer their phone unless they're having great sex. #
  • As I receive job applications, it occurs to me why so many people are unemployed. Turns out, a lot of people just suck. #
  • RIP Banksy's career. Spotted this graffiti in Camden. @ Camden Lock (via @neave) #
  • Hasn't rained much in a while. Last time it rained I had my car washed the day before. Now, rain coming and I have wet concrete. No joke. #
  • You heard it here first: OS X "Piano Cat" #
  • Apple goes Back to the Mac next Wed? New OS to be called "Lion"? Or has Apple bought MGM? ยป (via @Ihnatko) #
  • MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! My fortress of Justus is nearing completion as the first fence posts hit the ground… #
  • Had a dream last night that EMTs came to the backyard, removed all of Charlie's (the dog) teeth and claws, then left. Weird. #
  • Glee appears to be lacking some Sue. #
  • ABC News is reporting that a federal judge has issued a nation-wide injunction halting "Don't Ask Don't Tell". #
  • The Postal Workers Union had to extend its elections for national officers because thousands of ballots got lost in the mail. D'oh! #
  • The fence pieces arrived. My fortress will be stronger tomorrow. #
  • Think Widows Phone 7 will require you to activate, register, enter a serial and download 3 GB of updates right out of the box? #
  • Even though Columbus day is a dumb holiday, take comfort in knowing that your government isn't open and thus, can't screw too much up. #
  • It's been brought to my attention that a number of you people are, in fact, gay.

    Weirdos. #

  • " is written by a male between 66-100 years old. The writing is personal and upset most of the time." #
  • Hey! Look! It's 10/10/10 at 10:10:10 am! Oh shoot…there it goes. #
  • One tweet, 8 hours ago, from @Jim4 says "Good Morning." Another, also 8 hours ago, from @johnbrewerphoto says "Goodnight all." #
  • I'd like to point out that there's still plenty of room in the "Fans of Justin Harter" Facebook group: #
  • If Google builds a car, it'll probably show you relevant ads on the dashboard based on your destination. #

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