This Week’s Tweets

This Week’s Tweets

  • has their "Build a Ballot" doo-dad online. Frankly, I'm having a hard time picking between the various bags of crap. #
  • I may or may not have just made a correlation between an attractive woman and "her great bass" in a fishing catalog. #
  • How is it that programming and development books have some of the most useless book cover art? Objective-C & a merry-go-round? #
  • ADT guy is here installing more sensors. If someone so much as sneezes around this house, I think they send someone out here. #
  • I've been reading and reviewing several business/design/marketing books lately: #
  • No one ever gives Mitch Daniels credit for saving map maker jobs. Someone has to draw a new squiggly line for I-69. #
  • Things have been going way too smoothly so far this morning… #
  • These storms in Indiana are God's way of punishing us for tolerating (choose one): gays, tax caps or democrats. #
  • Naturally, the only pink-looking cell in the state is aimed right at my house. #
  • HAHAHA! My trash can is the only one on the block still standing!!! #
  • news is reporting a funnel cloud in Speedway. #
  • Tornado sirens going off in Indy… #
  • Thunderstorm warnings in October. Weird. #
  • You too can fight crime in Washington, D.C.: re-elect no one! Or, just vote Libertarian like I plan to. #
  • Would it have killed whoever thought of "GLBT" to make it "GBLT" instead? This way we can make bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwiches gay. #
  • Todd Young down in Indiana's 9th gets some help from The Onion: #
  • Some 5,000 janitors in the US have PhDs: #
  • ADT's website makes me want to cry every time I use it. It even makes me check a service agreement box JUST TO LOGIN. #
  • I need to find a free piece of Windows software that's not a virus and can batch-generate PDF index sheets of photos… #

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Justin has been around the Internet long enough to remember when people started saying “content is king”.

He has worked for some of Indiana’s largest companies, state government, taught college-level courses, and about 1.1M people see his work every year.

You’ll probably see him around Indianapolis on a bicycle 🚴 💨.

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