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  • Open For Business, One Year Later (via @justifystudios) #
  • I have an iPhone 3G/3GS dock if someone wants it. Otherwise, I'm just going to have to trash it since it won't work with my iPhone 4. #
  • Watching Batman from 1989. Gotham's flag is actually Indiana's state flag. Just says "Gotham" instead. #
  • Today's ideas for saving money: privatize the post office, Amtrak and air traffic control. #
  • "I think it’s magic if [Daniels] can balance the budget w/o a tax increase,” Bauer said.

    I 'spect we'll soon see a magic show. #Mitch2012 #

  • Off to Refresh! Looking forward to seeing everyone tonight. #
  • Refresh is tonight at 7 at Rock Bottom Downtown. Registration closes today at noon. We'd love to see you there! #
  • I haven't confirmed our reservation for Refresh ton.. If you haven't RSVP'd yet and wanna come, do so before noon. #
  • In Indiana, expect Republicans to outlaw teacher's unions, teacher tenure, taxation of any kind and gays. #
  • The future holds unemployment blocks and cuts, less healthcare for kids, protection for Big Oil and Medicare cuts. #
  • In other news, my old pharmacist from Salem, Steve Davisson, has won a spot in the Ind. House of Reps. #
  • Pat Bauer appears to be out of his job as Speaker. Republicans are taking control of the Indiana House. Also, will get to re-draw districts. #
  • It'd suck to be a Clerk and lose on election night. "Thanks for counting all those ballots. Oh, and, uh, you're fired." #
  • We can *ALL* take solace in knowing that Christine O'Donnell lost in Delaware. #
  • While very early, Republicans appear to be sweeping the Ind. House of Reps. in all but two districts currently reporting results. #
  • Only two close races in IN: Carson (D) has narrow lead, Young (R) with narrow lead. All other races solidly Republican. #
  • Property tax caps in Indiana reporting in at 70% approval. #
  • Want to follow the elections without the stupid punditry? The NYTimes has a great interactive map as updates come in: #
  • I've secured at least two votes for the Senate seat here in Indiana. Come on people! Bring me up to 5! #
  • I voted, so expect me to continue bitching about everything, as usual. #
  • I suspect around this time next year we'll be hearing about how the Republicans want to impeach Obama. #
  • Not sure who to vote for? Vote HARTER as a write-in. #
  • Back from voting. At my precinct, only 78 people had voted. That's less than 20 an hour. #
  • I just realized Thanksgiving is this month. Holy crap. #
  • Do you know who you're voting for tomorrow? No? Then don't vote. It just ruins it for those of us with real opinions. #
  • Those are snowflakes on my weather widget for Friday. Autumn FAIL. #
  • Any Indy folks at the Rally to Restore Sanity? If so, wave at the camera for me… #
  • Early estimate of crowd size at Rally: 6 billion. (via @StephenAtHome) #

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