This Week’s Tweets

  • You people are weird. #
  • Seriously, I love it when it gets dark a couple hours after the school bus drops the kids off. #QuietNeighborhood #Mitch2012 #
  • If you use the Wide Mail plugin for Apple Mail, it will be disabled when you upgrade to 10.6.5. #
  • iOS: Getting Started (via @justifystudios) #
  • I want a big ol' crowd at Refresh in December. Spread the word and reserve your spot by just tweeting to @RefreshIndy. #
  • That was the best Glee yet. Except for that horrid turd mashup of Bon Jovi and the Stone's "Start Me Up". #
  • Sorta just sitting around waiting for Glee. Don't have any tasks that can successfully utilize 30 minutes of my life. #
  • My Journey to Become an iOS App Developer (via @justifystudios) #
  • 6 phone calls in the last half hour. I prefer to not even remember that I *have* a phone. #
  • 2010 was the 100 year anniversary of sliced bread. #
  • Realizing that when Facebook says "Something went wrong", actually, nothing went wrong at all. Sorry to everyone who gets a bunch of events! #
  • Don't forget, kids, set your clocks back an hour tonight. #
  • Hey Devs: you can follow my @JustifyStudios account. Starting this week, I'll be blogging about learning iOS dev. Should be a good laugh. #

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