This Week’s Tweets

  • If I could live anywhere in the US, it'd probably be Manchester, New Hampshire. #
  • The thing I hate most? Billing clients. While I enjoy eating and running water, I always worry "what if they have a hard time paying?" #
  • Just heard a guy pronounce "URL" as "Earl". *shivers* #
  • I've never had Four Loko & don't intend to. That's because I'm a human being with a brain and control. We don't need a law from everything. #
  • Practicing my talk for Fri. before some of Indiana's business and IT teachers by staring at myself in the mirror. I hate this part the most. #
  • The Onion says we'd all get free wireless Internet if Canada would just remove their network password. #
  • How do websites "just break"? Defies all logic when one day, everything works. The next day, nothin'. #
  • I don't really want iTunes to stream. It really doesn't benefit me since I never leave my own computer. I want something for ME ME ME! #
  • A couple young boys are going door-to-door to rake leaves. Good for them. Hope the government doesn't require them to get some $700 permit. #
  • Oh oh! I know! Apple spent a bit of their cash and bought ALL the major TV networks and is taking over Comcast. *crosses fingers* #
  • "Just Another Day" is a Paul McCartney song. I bet Apple will have Sir Paul on stage, live, tomorrow and will stream it worldwide. #
  • Resume tip #81 What you've made, created and accomplished is far more interesting then your school, your gpa or your major. (via @graiz) #
  • Ping just became useful to me. I can follow the Rolling Stones now. #

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