This Week’s Tweets

  • Someone point me to a great hair salon, guy-friendly, on the east or south sides of Indy. Kthx! #
  • Just finished leftover tacos for lunch. Waiting for Goldfinger on SyFy. #
  • Thankful everyone is stuffing their face full of food so I can get some work done. #
  • The house across the street where Wayne lived before he died is on sale for $55,000 (the loan difference). Does wonders for my home value. #
  • It's around this time of year that I recall being told what my first words were as a baby: "Gobble Gobble". #
  • Not only is Comcast going to noodle with my service rate, the envelope explaining as much gave me a paper cut. #
  • Thanksgiving. 8am. SyFy. Bond Marathon for 43 hours. I'm there! #
  • 4.2 just arrived 11 minutes late. Get on it, Apple! #
  • It's a nice spring day outside. #
  • RT @SirAryMegaLot: Who said there's no "i" in TEAM? (via @jwelshiv) #
  • Remember the US Solider carrying a rifle in an airport back from Afghanistan? The TSA made him surrender nail clippers. That was in Indy. #

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