This Week’s Tweets

  • I am paralyzed by snot right now. #
  • Up early. Can't sleep. Probably has something to do with @seandonelson's cat keeping me awake… #
  • Maybe I should move to Chicago… #
  • Comcast just sent me a letter telling me to "look at my current Internet provider's bill" and I'm "paying too much". Comcast is my provider. #
  • Refresh is tonight. Looking forward to those nachos…oh, and the attendees. #
  • Sometimes I want to copy somebody's status, word for word, and see if they notice. #
  • This Glee is missing one Sue Sylvester. #
  • Looks like we're full for Refresh tomorrow. If you wanted to come, try back in January! #
  • Just made an appointment at The Vault in Beech Grove at 3:30. If this turns out bad, I promise you'll be the first to hear about it. #
  • I call a place, they don't answer. THIS CAN'T BE HARD. Affordable, professional, accessible. Something salons in Indy evidently don't do. #
  • I still can't find a place I want to go to get a haircut. $35 for a men's cut? Seriously? #
  • Seeing as how everyone feels like crap today, let's make today a universal sick-day. #
  • Also of note, Illinois is voting on civil unions, marijuana usage and repealing the death penalty today. Big day for that state. #
  • The Chicago Tribune is reporting Google might buy Groupon; it's largest acquisition in years. #
  • Talks about Net Neutrality, and now with Netflix in danger by Comcast, we see why old people should never be trusted to legislate tech. #
  • Back from meetings at IU re: Refresh Weekend. Some exciting new charities might be in store. Volunteer at #
  • Nielson was one of those actors I just assumed was immortal. Right up there with Sean Connery, Clint Eastwood and Steve Martin. #
  • Grocery delivery just arrived. Everything looked great. #
  • Oh god I'm excited. Just ordered groceries online and it's quite comparable with most supermarket prices. Delivers tomorrow! Neat! #
  • Has anyone used for grocery delivery? The idea of ordering groceries online makes my tech-senses tingle. #

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