This Week’s Tweets

  • Dems pass motion with 60 votes. Senate will debate healthcare, motion carries. 39 nay votes. #
  • Sen. Joe Lieberman voted for the debate. Looks like he flipped flopped on his promise to fillibuster. #
  • "No" vote from Ind. Sen. Richard Lugar on healthcare debate. #
  • Sounded like an "aye" vote from Ind. Sen. Evan Bayh… #
  • BTW, a "Yes" vote in the Senate tonight does not clear way for approval of health bill. Only to bring the bill to a full-scale floor debate. #
  • Senate debating healthcare bill. CNN covering Senate floor live. Possible vote at 8 PM. Last chance before Thanksgiving holiday. #
  • No. 1 screen resolution at my website? 1024×768. Who knew people still really used that resolution? #
  • Pop quiz: What's Justin's favorite pass time? Answer: Watching Rolling Stones clips on YouTube. #
  • Tons of crows descending on the neighborhood. Charlie (the dog) and I are defending the castle by yelling at birds together. #
  • RT @indystar: Sen. Lugar's wife arrested in Va. on DUI charge after striking parked car. #
  • Just realized I wasn't actively reading a book. Just reserved "Learning from the future" at Indy-Marion Co. Pub. Library. #
  • Software update on my MacBook Air says "Moving items into place". I'm sure Windows would say, "Extracting file libraries into registry bin." #
  • Back from BestBuy (closer to me than Apple Store). Picked up a new wireless keyboard and Magic Mouse. #
  • RT @refreshindy: Just a reminder, we'll be meeting again in January. We're taking December off for the holidays. #
  • RT @indystar: Breaking news: Norwegian electric car maker plans #Indiana assembly plant. #
  • New Rule: Indy drivers have to stop treating rain like it's KY Jelly. #
  • RT: @NickiLaycoax:Someone applied for internship that we're looking to fill.Sadly, this Tweet disqualifies him 4 us: #
  • Morning everyone. Looks like the Colts won by a point. No need to read the news when I have my Tweeple. #
  • Happy Thanksgiving everyone, from the worst website on the Internet: #

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