This Week’s Tweets

  • For those of you asking, you'll have to check in next Wednesday for the news! #
  • I think it's going to be kind of a big deal for Indy's web people: #
  • I can find things for way cheaper online, when shipping is free, than I can at any local store. $8, tax-less, skillet splatter guard! #
  • If Mitch Daniels can put a voucher system in place in this state (I think he can), DST and the toll road lease will look like mere hobbies. #
  • In Lebanon for a client meeting this morning. It's a beautiful spring day out there. #
  • Next week is just another week. That you might not forget. (via @refreshindy) #
  • Printers are so needy. "My ink expired", "I don't have any paper", "I need to run a maintenance check", "I can't find my own scanner". Grr. #
  • Someone explain to me why LA has their own domain name suffix? #
  • From my latest Salem Leader column: "The rapture sure as heck won't happen unless I've just washed my car." #
  • Kinda irked Facebook doesn't let me put "HTML" in my "Languages" profile. #
  • POP QUIZ: What's the best online bank that everyone loves but no one's heard about? That's the bank I want. GO! #
  • Dear PNC,

    I think you're all a bunch of backward asshats.

    Justin. #

  • Writing my next column for the Salem Leader. It's a doozy. I mention Jesus, Noah, the rapture, Kentucky and washing my car all in 800 words. #
  • Now that Congress has legislated TV commercial volume 10 years late, what will they dictate next? Maybe that VCR clocks should auto-update? #
  • Since I haven't heard anyone say it yet: SNOWPOCALYPSE! WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!!1!1!! #
  • I wonder if Peapod has a run on bread, milks and eggs when it snows just like brick and mortar stores do? #

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