This Week’s Tweets

  • Internet's slow today. Snow must be cloggin' the tubes. #
  • I personally enjoy these animated squirrel gifs, but there's a lot to love here: #
  • Rough commute this morning. First, I couldn't find my glasses and then I had to navigate around the dog's tennis ball. #
  • It'd suck to be a Justin Harter that's not me. I totally dominate in Internet search results, Facebook friends and members of my fan club. #
  • Brandon made fun of me for naming my cast iron skillet "Cassie, the Cast Iron Skillet". I'm sorry if you don't love a good skillet like me. #
  • RT @theindychannel: BREAKING:
    House passes repeal of 'don't ask, don't tell' policy on gays serving openly in military #
  • Looking through the entries for Refresh Weekend volunteers and their portfolios. Good stuff. #
  • What's new for Refresh in 2011? (via @refreshindy) #
  • Only about an hour away! #
  • FYI, those of you that bank with Regions: they haven't paid back their TARP loan yet. $3.5B in debt. #
  • Working on getting more things squared away for tomorrow at 3 (RT!): #
  • Michael Moore posts bail for Julian Assange: #
  • Remember, even when you feel stupid, they're people out there who really do hire the Geek Squad and pay them $200 to run a virus scan. #
  • This is about the one year birthday of my beard. #
  • The Minneapolis Metrodome has collapsed because of snow. (via @indystar) #
  • I miss ER. #
  • I wanna know what security measures are used at the Salem, Ind. airport to keep me safe. They should have full-body scanners on the square. #

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