This Week’s Tweets

  • For those of you with no lives, I've been blogging lately regarding my foray into iOS: (via @justifystudios) #
  • That appears to be a tornado watch out there in Illinois. It must be the Chinese New Year. #
  • It's going to feel like spring today AND there's an earthquake. Someone does not like the idea of a Republican House in Ind. #
  • Refresh is in a week. Hoping for a big crowd for our last meet before Refresh Weekend. Learn more & RSVP at #
  • Either my ADT security sign blew away or someone took it. Regardless, I've ordered 50 so I can put one every few feet around my house. #
  • Just used Facetime for a purpose other than looking at a baby or Santa. #
  • My column in the Dec. 21st Salem Leader was Jesus-approved. #
  • Question: how many tweets of mine do you actually read? All of them? None of them? Are you even reading this!? #
  • I just had a client ask if some emails between him and his clients "could be used as background". As in, the page's background wallpaper. #
  • Refresh is doin' stuff next month and you'd better be there! *shakes fists* #
  • RT @bilericoproject Religious right scandal brewing in Indianapolis? #lgbt (via @AttyAbdul) #
  • Buffalo wings cooling in fridge, baked potato soup planned for din din. Might even make a blackberry coffee cake. #
  • I'm duplicating a product package for a client and the package uses that neon yellow that's a default color swatch. I know! #
  • Seeing how I'm probably the only person not doing anything for Saturday & I'm talking to myself here, I'll just say: I make a mean egg. #

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