This Week’s Tweets

  • Hey, you there — do you make websites? I need you next weekend. You should hit me up. #
  • Neat: Apple's Pages program can detect when you hit space/tab repeatedly and will auto-align or insert tab stops for you. #
  • I estimate that next week I will make at least 150 phone calls. #
  • This dead fish/bird stuff makes me think the animals are trying to tell us something. I predict earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. #
  • I'm noodling with Coda — why doesn't it look at linked styles? Seriously? #
  • Dreamweaver became unusable for me, possibly b/c of an update? Any suggestions on DW replacements? I like both code/design views visible. #
  • Dear Internet, what do you think of this? #
  • I'm going to have to update my blog to reflect yet another blue icon in my dock. #
  • Things that make you go 'dangit!'. I've got an opening for Refresh Weekend. If you're a web developer, get in touch to volunteer. #
  • That didn't take long. Dems use parliamentary rule to call for reading of House Bills. Ind. House has come to a halt. (via @AttyAbdul) #
  • I've started a new series I'm calling "Website Nightmares", where I'll take a crummy site and redesign it: #
  • Hey, web devs, want to support Indy without writing a single line of code? #
  • Dear clients who owe me money: please pay. It helps me eat, stay warm and power my computer to do more work for you. Thanks! #
  • Have pity on me as I sit here and mess with recording 3 months of business expense receipts. #
  • Registration for Refresh's January meetup closes tonight at 6. #
  • Interested in Refresh Weekend, but can't spend the time? Donate change to help us feed volunteers: (via @refreshindy) #
  • Hey #Indy web designers and devs, why aren't you coming to Refresh Social Wednesday night? #
  • Wal-Mart just gave Refresh $50 in soda, snacks and supplies for Refresh Weekend. Neat! (FYI, I purchased 24 liters of Mt. Dew). #
  • RT @srcoley: "People who attend Refresh are scientifically proven to be more attractive and more intelligent." – @refreshindy #itstrue #
  • Coming Wed. from the Gen. Assembly: No smoking, gays, abortions, brown people, Islam, transparency or basic freedoms. #wheresmyliberty #
  • The Ind. General Assembly starts telling you what to do, pillaging your personal life & nannying you to death Wed. Can't wait! #
  • While you people were watching some sweaty guys kick a football, I baked an apple pie. Now, I know who won the game AND I have pie. Ha! #
  • 4 kids out running around the neighborhood today. CHPS (Charlie Homeland Protection Services) just got paid with peanut butter. #
  • Come on, who really gives a crap about another year? #

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He has worked for some of Indiana’s largest companies, state government, taught college-level courses, and about 1.1M people see his work every year.

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