This Week’s Tweets

  • To do today: shower, lunch, coordinate 28 volunteers across 2 days with $75k+ in impact so 4 deserving charities can have new websites. #
  • Found last year's keynote slides on thumb drive. Overwriting with this year's. #
  • 2 batches of peanut butter fudge is in the fridge for tomorrow night. #
  • First success of the weekend: I just got one of our charities to forego using Comic Sans as their logo. #48hrweb #
  • I may have failed in my quest to gather Red Bulls for Refresh Weekend. If you want to help, donate at #
  • If time permits, I'm going to make fudge for all the Refresh Weekend volunteers. But, only if you want me to… #
  • Twitter for Mac updates their icon to be…blue. Makes for 11 blue dots in my dock. #
  • Maybe I can get @RedBull's attention via Twitter if enough Refresh Weekend volunteers say they want Red Bull, eh? #
  • Looky here: Students and local professionals to overhaul four non-profits' websites in just 48 hours: #
  • BREAKING NEWS: Google to drop support for H.264, JPG, MP3 and convert all webpages to Flash for the hell of it. #
  • I hope everyone coming out Friday evening for Refresh appreciates the music. It's taken way too much effort to make it work. #
  • Bizarre new AT&T issue this morning: the phone won't hang up! #
  • We'd save a lot more lives if we took guns away from the government before we bothered with private citizens. #
  • Thank goodness action is being taken. D's and R's across country "condemning shooting". I feel better. #
  • 2 am and I'm making webpages for Refresh Weekend. Am I cool or what? #

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