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  • The whole concept of "filenames" has got to go for lay people. I just got a Word Doc with 11 words in it. #
  • Take a second and think what would happen to you, this country and our economy if the President suddenly "turned off" the Internet. #
  • I need some initial thoughts and opinions on a work-in-progress: #
  • Do you have spare office supplies or furniture? Susie's Place of Avon is expanding into Bloomington & needs supplies. #
  • Transferring a domain name from, of all places, Yahoo. Who knew they did domain registration? #
  • That guy who shot IMPD Office Moore? Yeah, he robbed the Dollar Store just down the street from me for cash to get out of town. *shivers* #
  • It's been brought to my attention that the students of Ben Davis Univ. High School will be graduating soon. Consider yourself warned! #
  • Just had an "Oh thank goodness" moment when I realized a site I was working on in IE was being mangled b/c it was in Quirks Mode. Whew! #
  • Well hello there, Beautiful. #
  • $2.99 14 day Kindle book rentals need to be invented NOW. #
  • IMPD Officer David Moore died earlier this morning. Lucky for us, Indiana has a death-penalty. I suggest we use it. #
  • Obama is right. We need jobs. Steve Jobs. #
  • Also, I kept hoping Obama would say some crazy shit like, "We're all goin' to Neptune and the spaceship's right here! Get in!" #
  • Justin's SOTU summary: "The fecal material is about to hit the ventilation and unfortunately Pelosi and Boener is the best we've got." #
  • Every news outlet in the country has already written stories and covered the State of the Union and it hasn't even aired yet. #
  • Even as Indy says goodbye to an officer shot in the line of duty, a few people still squawk some ugly comments: #
  • Tonight, the US will do the one thing in the Constitution neither side has tried to misinterpret: The State of the Union #
  • Great comments, too: RT @jonbrewerphoto: What do students learn in their first 2 years of college? Very little…” #
  • I'm a big fan of divided government. R's and D's can crow all they want and it doesn't matter because we have sweet, sweet gridlock. #
  • Dear Internet: I can't go to bed until my client's DNS records get updated. Chop chop. #
  • Larry Page to take over Google & improve Google's SEO. "Google's search engine is an Internet search searching engine." #

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