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  • Grocery delivery people texted to say: "We have no clue or plan tomorrow because of crazy ass road conditions in your godforsaken area." #
  • The mailman is running 7 hours late. Must be a tough day. #
  • The @IndyHumane Society's roof suffered ice damage, limiting their ability to provide medical care. #
  • Pro tip: when walking on ice, get the bottom of your shoes wet first. They'll slightly freeze and stick to the ice with each step. #
  • The dog is having a hard time going while outside. He keeps slipping and falling down the hill. #
  • Shame on you if you think your city ought to come plow and salt your tiny 4-house street. Why not salt your driveway while we're at it? #
  • A somewhat rare wishy-washy post on my part. Don't worry, I'm sure I'll rant about something here in a minute. #
  • Made it out to the mailbox and back without falling on my ass. I call that a win! #
  • Hat Tip to @DougMasson for finding this clip of the Simpsons that sums everything up: #
  • I just read that thunder is possible tonight. Seriously, THUNDER? In February!? #
  • While I sometimes re-post things from my other Twitter account here, you can follow all of my web stuff @justifystudios. #
  • As part of my Website Nightmares, I noodles with GoDaddy's website earlier. You can also download my source file. #
  • Jeebus, AccuWeather reporting another storm may be brewing with 4" of snow for Monday. #
  • We're at a Level 3 Kill Storm out there. #
  • Neighbors on the next street over called to report possible heart attack victim. Indy Fire and EMS made it in slowly. #
  • You know shit's about to get rough when the National Guard has been activated. #
  • Quick! Everyone blow to the west and maybe we can blow all the weather back into Illinois. They earned it with their gay marry'n. #
  • I demand to know why Indiana weather always seems to know what the hell I-70 is and produces weather around it accordingly. #
  • RT @adam_weber: Ice skating on the roads in Fishers. #
  • If your trash day is today like me, know that trash service is suspended for a day. #
  • Back in from checking on the loud noises around the house. HVAC's fan not frozen yet. Trees cracking all over. #
  • If you're home, be thankful for that. I-69 expected to be closed for 2 hours, I-70 West closed on the east side. #
  • My windows look like marbled glass. Driveway, house siding completely covered in at least a quarter inch of ice. #
  • I'm working on what might be one of my favorite websites I've ever done: #
  • Justin's prepared: iPhone, iPad, Kindle all charging in advance of possible power outages. #
  • Since my fellow Hoosiers haven't coined a catchy phrase for the ice storm, allow me: "Indy on Ice". Brought to you by Disney. #
  • A federal judge has struck down key parts of the Health Care Bill. Further proof WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE. #
  • Fact I remember from somewhere: In advance of storms, Americans flock to Wal-Mart for PopTarts and Beer more than bread/milk. #
  • Can't call these guys asleep at the wheel: @IndySnowForce: We're ready to fight an ice storm. Crews are already on the roads. #
  • I found the company that made IPL's website. I wonder if they realize that it's practically unusable? #
  • Umm… says Indy might get 10-12" of snow Tuesday night. No thanks. #

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