This Week’s Tweets

This Week’s Tweets

  • Ice battle, day 18… #
  • Hey Hoosiers, if Mitch Daniels ran in 2012 against Obama, who would you vote for and why? #
  • Off to Arsenal Tech to help the kiddos make a website. #
  • I have over 17 hours of Rolling Stones music in my library. I've been listening to each song, one-by-one, over the last few days. #
  • Why hasn't someone figured out a way to pay for the government with nothing but interest on money in the bank (if we had any)? #
  • I just finished another redesign in my series of experiments. This for the Indianapolis-Marion County Public Library: #
  • If America goes broke, misery would come to straights & gays, pro-life & pro-choice. It would ruin the American dream for everyone. #
  • Looks like the new Teacher's Treasures website was approved by their board. What do you think of it? #
  • Ugh. I do development work in Firefox. I use Chrome for the Flash plugin and I use Safari as my main browser. All 3 are open right now. #
  • Your gov't at work: @indystar: Lawmaker proposes higher marriage license fees, unless couples take prep classes. #
  • So Ft. Wayne was going to name a building after a former 30's-era mayor until someone thought better. The name? "Harry Baals". #
  • Frickin' Glee! $@#!& #
  • I've eaten a lot of BBQ potato chips in my life, but nothing makes a mockery of the name as much as "Jay's" brand chips. Bleck. #
  • Holy cow. What a story. Check out that video, too. #
  • Today's solutions brought to you by one line of code: <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=8" />. Don't you feel better, too? #
  • Question: what causes Internet Explorer to load pages in Quirks Mode? Doctype? Since when is XHTML Trans. a problem? #
  • Sending 9 invoices to 9 different clients this morning. First one to pay me back wins a new car! (Which I will invoice for later.) #
  • Ahh…that sweet period of time between printing invoices and clients calling to say, "What the hell!?" #
  • I must only have about 6 or 7 friends because the average rate links are clicked on I share in my Twitter stream is always 6-7 each. #
  • The idea for an Internet "kill switch" is about as good an idea as a kill switch for phones. #
  • No one started singing with me earlier, so let's try this again: "Difference in the clothes she wears, down to me, the change has come…" #
  • According to the geniuses at the FCC, 6 in 10 Americans need helping using a computer. #AmericanFAIL #
  • Say it's alright, cause the change has come…*doo do do do doo doo* #
  • Aerosmith is possibly working on a new album. Oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god! #
  • Ind. House Judiciary Committee passes anti-gay marriage amendment, 6-4, along party lines. Expected to pass House, Senate. #
  • Again, most of my life would be easier if I knew what I was doing. #
  • I just read there's a debate about a so-called .gay domain name. If so, I have got to have #
  • I think someone at Fox thought, "What's the gayest thing we can put on right after the straightest event in America?" #
  • Stupid football is taking up Glee. #
  • Some sort of game happening around tonight. I'm watching Rolling Stones clips on YouTube to pass the time. #
  • There needs to be some sort of social parenting. Like, "These 5 people think you suck at parenting. We've removed you from your duties." #
  • Look at me. Now look at you. Now look at my homemade apple crumb. Now look at me eating it. Sadly, you're not me. #
  • The bad news is that it's frickin' snowing again. The good news is that snow is covering all the ice and is easier to walk on. #

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