This Week’s Tweets

  • Here's a fun idea: gay marry an aborted stem cell on a motorcycle without a helmet to buy beer on Sunday, *while texting*. That'll show 'em. #
  • I found a webpage, that is actually on the Internet, that was made using FrontPage 4.0. Which launched in 1998. #
  • That's it. I quit. I'm going to live out my dreams by becoming a roadie for The Rolling Stones. #
  • Kitchen Nightmares on in half an hour, which means I once again have plans for a Friday night! #
  • Today was one of those days where not even automatic doors recognized my existence. #
  • Everything today has put me in a bad mood. So there. #
  • I'm really starting to like the idea of moving to New Hampshire. #
  • That's nice. #
  • How are you? #
  • Hello. #
  • Deadly things happen on or near my birthday (4/19). Columbine, Hitler, American Revol., Waco to name a few. I hope Steve Jobs lives past it. #
  • It's a good time to be an old, straight, white guy in Indiana. #
  • It turns out that if you post public messages to politicians calling them out on stupid votes, they delete said post and go "la la la la". #
  • I'm making a more concerted effort to blog more over at my company blog. Follow along @JustifyStudios. #
  • I'd like to point out that last week it was 17 degrees and 2 weeks before that we were being plunged into an icy death. #
  • Borders files for bankruptcy and is closing their Downtown Indy location. #
  • Also, IUPUI has nearly $1B tucked away in the bank. All of Indianapolis requires $1.1B annually to operate trash, roads, schools, etc. #
  • Peyton gets $23M, IMPD gets a hummer and IUPUI has more money in the bank than God. Priorities. #
  • Ind. House, including Pat Bauer (D) votes in favor of anti-gay marriage bill, 70-26. Here's the roll call: #
  • My water bill is getting to Comcast-levels of ridiculousness. #
  • Lots of traffic on my little street this morning. Trash pickup and postal carrier all at the same time. #
  • I wonder if any SEO firms ever hire another SEO firm to do their work for them? #
  • That little web conference @TonyDewan and I are working on? It's in @smashingmag! & #
  • 2 years ago today, Brandon and I didn't practice safe shopping and we ended up adopting our dog Charlie. #

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