This Week’s Tweets

  • 9 pm on a Friday. Going to bed, because I'm just *that* awesome. #
  • Did you know that air traffic control is controlled by the federal government? Now you asking, "Why?" Good question. #
  • I'm home alone tonight. Will watch Kitchen Nightmares and wonder if it really is Gordon's "toughest nightmare yet". #nolife #nofriends #
  • There are many very personal, odd, stories in my life (business, love, family) and I often wonder if people are interested in hearing them? #
  • We launched a bunch of guys into outer freaking space today. In other news, Justin Bieber got a haircut. #priorities #
  • What do you think about Indy's new Superbowl logo? #
  • Refresh has a meetup next Tuesday, and an even more exciting event coming up in May, to be fully announced next Wednesday. #
  • I've been awake since before 4 am. So don't talk to me. #
  • Bad dreams night last night. Didn't sleep well and now I'm in a lousy mood. Too bad I'm going to a high school to talk websites. Poor kids. #
  • We're trying! RT @happenbetter: This might be THE conference of the summer. Kudos. "@rebuildconf Register for $99 at” #
  • Time to empty the trash on my Mac…all 40,000 files worth. #
  • Gov. Daniels says it's time to dump the right to work bill, saying under his breath, "we've got shit to do." I'm paraphrasing. #
  • Does anyone else find it concerning that one guy (Bosma) can order an entire state police force to "round up" a group of people? #
  • Thank goodness Salem is getting a new real estate firm. Because everyone knows that Salem's a spicy hot piece of land. #
  • I don't know what I was thinking scheduling a Refresh meetup next week the same night as Glee. #
  • Hey, @IndyDPW, do you guys observe President's Day? Are you a day behind on trash pickup this week? #
  • Remember, kids, this legislative session is the "long session". Those twits still have to work out a 2 year budget! #
  • $1.29 for Beatles songs plus the tax is a little much considering it's not like they're still making any music anymore. #
  • What I make:
    What they want: #
  • Thanks to a bunch of dead presidents, Netflix accounts all over the country are at a standstill. #
  • Look at this photo from the Star:
    Now watch this: #
  • Be wary of people who use tildes for decoration and those who use multiple exclamation marks at the end of every sentence. #

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