This Week’s Tweets

  • I will be paying my taxes by paper check so I can put a frowny face in the memo line. #
  • I'll pay someone $5,000 if they can tell me why we have a self-employment tax in the US. "Oh, you sustain yourself? Fuck you." #
  • Just got my tax bill. New Rule: everyone has to do everything online. No more roads except for FedEx trucks. Schools go online, too. #
  • If Apple had a product like IE6 still around, Steve Jobs would personally drive to your home and smash your Mac with a hammer. #
  • Lemme get this straight: Fred Phelps can spew hate, even when we "know it when we see it", but two dudes can't love each other? #
  • That's it. I quit. I'm selling everything and moving to a nice rock in South Dakota. #
  • Discovering that it's incredibly difficult to build a website for a client when they have no concept of what URLs are. #
  • I should clarify that my last tweet was about illegal immigrants coming here to murder and rape the children instead of making tacos. #
  • Overheard from Ind. Senator: "They didn't come here to make tacos! They're here to murder, sell drugs, & destroy the minds of our kids." #
  • The real news from today: Steve Jobs had on a different pair of shoes. #
  • Three pages into the @Oatmeal's new book and I'm already laughing out loud. The real deal. Not that lame LOL shit. #
  • Steve Jobs has gifted music to the entire world. It will be magical and revolutionary. #
  • Gazelle offering 16GB iPad WiFi buyback at $375 in good condition. This is a new price from this morning. #
  • Prediction: Apple to release 7 new blue icons for everyone's dock today. #
  • Why don't we have direct voting via Facebook for government policies yet? No need for Congress. Just count the "Likes". #
  • It's time for a new government. The US Supreme Court just ruled in favor of Phelps and his hateful Westboro Baptist Church. #
  • The @Oatmeal 's new book, "5 Very Good Reasons to Punch a Dolphin in the Mouth" is on a UPS truck "out for delivery" today. Can't wait. #
  • taking current 16GB iPad off your hands for $285.60. Ready to sell by 1 pm! #
  • Living in Indy with Amazon Prime is great. With Amazon warehouses in Indy and Louisville, 2-day shipping is really just 1-day shipping. #
  • Refresh is tonight and there's no new Glee episode. Guess that worked out well. #
  • My fair city just floated a $98 million loan to a "redevelopment project". I'm sure the city is already feeling classier. #
  • Shame on you if you're not coming to Refresh tomorrow night. #
  • Finally a reason to upgrade WordPress on a point-revision: the "insert link" dialog actually makes sense now. #
  • Today on the @IndyStar: "We don't need no stinkin' flood wall!" and in other news, "Flooded roads causing havoc." #
  • Some poor bastard at the Marion Co. Emergency Ops. Center has to decide when to sound the siren and wake the entire city. #
  • The bar has been raised for "Client of the Year". Look what one of mine sent me (2 of, actually): #

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