This Week’s Tweets

  • In line at Beech Grove Wal-Mart. 3 people here waiting for iPads. #
  • Biggest full moon in 19 years happening now. Possible cause to huge natural disasters? #
  • Here's a thought: if Ind. Sec. of State Charlie White's votes are thrown out for fraud, does that mean the GOP loses ballot access? #
  • Is there someone you've always wanted to hear speak, but haven't been able to? #
  • Today's tale: client sent a bunch of Word docs as ZIP files. Except they were never saved as ZIP files. He just decided to add .zip to them. #
  • For lent, I'm giving up women, rap music, alcohol and prayer. Wish me luck. #
  • I have a client who doesn't know my name. I've lost all control of that. I should just walk away… #
  • Uverse is now offered in my neighborhood. What say ye, Twitterverse, should I switch from Comcast? Is it better? The same? #
  • I hate chat clients, video chatting, phone calls and most of all, text messages. Hate hate hate. So, just email me so I can ignore you. #
  • If Kurt and Blaine don't kiss on Glee already, I'm going to throw the cat across the room. #
  • re:build conf is happy to bring @kurafire in as our 5th speaker. Tickets are $99 until we announce our last speaker. #
  • Pro tip: don't ever work for anyone that types the word "on-line", complete with quotes, as if the Internet is new-fangled and trendy. #
  • . @dishnetwork – That's pretty frickin dumb. #
  • . @dishnetwork Why does LIN even get to charge money for it's content? They broadcast it for free! #
  • I don't use DISH Network, but I still don't get why they shut out CBS? Especially when CBS distributes everything for free over-the-air. #
  • . @PeapodDelivers said they'd be here at 9:34 am. It's, uh, 9:34 am. Uncanny! #


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