This Week’s Tweets

  • Thank god we live in America, where people have the freedom to choose to be gay. #
  • Here you go: #
  • THEY DID IT!!!! Finally a kiss between Kurt and Blaine!! #
  • Thank god for you brave patriots not buying gas on 3/31. I'm not going to buy bread that day. That'll stop those evil bread bastards. #
  • Hey! That's my PeaPod man on WTHR! #
  • This whole "not having a functioning legislative branch" thing here in Indiana is great. It's been a month with no new laws and no damage! #
  • If you're interested in design, development, business, networking and sales, check out Refresh Sessions: #
  • No one talk to stupid people on March 18th. If no one talks to them for a day, they'll get smart. #

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