This Week’s Tweets

  • Scary way to start the day: Martinsville schools on lockdown after a confirmed shooting at their middle school. #
  • Found a use for the iPad camera. It's great for taking pictures of the dog when you've got no other camera. #
  • Target. Greenwood. iPad 2. #
  • We've sold a lot of tickets today for @rebuildconf in July. Better get your tickets quick: #
  • Hey, Refresh is doing a thing in May. @kyleplacy will be there. So's a bunch more. Check it out: #
  • Back from Vincennes. Achievement unlocked! #
  • I'm going to Vincennes University tomorrow for a web/IT curriculum committee. Any suggestions on what they should be teaching web students? #
  • The perfect blog for crotchety old men like me: #
  • The French started military action in Libya. To remind everyone the US's cock is bigger, Obama to wage war on Britain, China and Russia. #

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