This Week’s Tweets

  • The much-beloved secretary at my old high school is now retiring after 41 years. She's insanely productive: #
  • I'd like to move from GoDaddy, but I haven't found any other host that's better, as-cheap and as reliable with 24/7 support. #
  • I've started writing for The Salem Leader's blog. My first post is up: #
  • Well thank god for that: Indiana House agrees that Feb. 6th shall be "Ronald Reagan Day". Well I feel better, don't you? #
  • The important take-away from Hulu's April Fool's joke? "Holy crap, all the X-Files episodes are on there!" #
  • It's a slow news day in Salem. The local paper is featuring high school students eating lunch. Just because. #
  • Ruth Rol'd and Flugelhorn Feline courtesy YouTube 1911: #
  • Gotta say that @6wunderkinder made the best iOS app icon I've ever seen. way to take the bezel to a new level for wunderlist. #
  • Twitter's dropping the Dick Bar. #
  • I made a website today with no resources, hardly any budget and no direction except from a 1 pg. chart. #
  • Snowing in the spring is God's way of punishing the legislature for discriminating against gays and lesbians. #
  • Just FYI, you can still download Skype 2.8: #
  • Would you like to lose all faith in your fellow Hoosier today? Just read the comments: #
  • Remember, Indy, new parking rates take effect today! #
  • Remember when we all used to attach giant magnifying glasses to our Game Boys so the screen would be "bigger"? Good times. #

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