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  • Turns out, every spreadsheet template for organizing your income/expenses sucks. So, I spent an hour making my own. It's delicious. #
  • Study: Many Americans physically unable to end their own, fat lives. 'Trapped in grotesque, blubbery bodies'. #
  • I'm the only person here for this final review session. Translation: I'm the only one boring enough to be here on a Fri. night. #
  • Pornography study fails after scientists couldn't find a single man who hadn't viewed any porn: #
  • IUPUI is out to get me. They just sent me an email saying I owe them $999.99. Yet, my print statement says $0. Fix now, please. K, thx. #
  • RT @justifystudios: James Lipton's beard can protect teens' naughty bits: #
  • NetApplications is currently indicating that IE 6, 7 & 8 maintain about 20% market share each. FF 3.5 hovering at 15%. #
  • I've been at this freelancing thing full-time for about 24 hours now and I've already booked every minute of this Thur/Fri. & all next week. #
  • "Obama Tells Nation He's Going Out for Cigarettes". 'I'll be right back', claims Commander in Chief. #
  • I'm not entirely sure how you call it a "war strategy". Either you send more troops or you bring them home. What other options do you have? #
  • Dear The Government,
    This is not that hard.
    Justin #
  • I have an idea for an amazing website for college students: a user-powered site that translates course descriptions into something useful. #
  • Just called the mortgage company. Thanks to @mymanmitch, my payment is dropping from $845 to about $715. $130 in savings a month ain't bad! #
  • Today was my last day. I'm now a full-time web freelancer. #
  • Happy Web Standards Day! How fitting that today would be my last day at work. #
  • Tomorrow is my last day as a full-time employee with the State. This is the last Sunday I'll ever say "crap, work is tomorrow". #
  • My day of pies continues. First a pecan pie (turned out delicious, btw) and now four small veggie pot pies are in the oven. #
  • I just made a pecan pie. #

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He has worked for some of Indiana’s largest companies, state government, taught college-level courses, and about 1.1M people see his work every year.

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