This Week’s Tweets

  • House is painted and I even took the effort to paint my master bedroom. It looks nice. #
  • Aww…it looks like Vitos closed Downtown. That was one of my favorite restaurants. #
  • Painters have been here all of 20 minutes and I already found my missing thumb drive that I lost a year ago! #
  • I'm painting the house today. And by "I'm painting the house" I mean a guy is showing up to paint said house. #
  • Rolling Stones references abound on Glee! Can't wait! #
  • Glee! #
  • *sniffle*…I think I might be coming down with something. I'd better trade in my nose for a newer model. #
  • The Indy Star is reporting more on the man shot in Salem. Police ID'd slain man as Ronald Chastain of Salem: #
  • RT @Suntimes: iPhone users – and other bandwidth hogs – AT&T is about to drop a rate increase on you it seems #
  • RT @indystar: RT @cjhoosiernews: Man found dead following altercation report near Salem #
  • Just remembered, "Baby carrots are trying to turn me gay." – Stephen Colbert from his book, I Am America (And So Can You!) #
  • Spent some time looking for exciting high-speed (45 MPH) chase scenes in Mayberry. #
  • Ugh. Now it's sleeting. Shoulda known it'd do something right before I had to leave the house. #
  • Chrome for Mac (Beta) is available: #
  • At Beck Toyota getting my oil changed. The guy's laptop sitting next to me just said, "You've Got Mail!" #
  • Dear Marion County, Please answer your phone. I will let it ring until you pickup. I'm at ring 33… #
  • Interesting to note: Indy DPW's "Snow Force" is on Twitter with road updates. Available @IndySnowForce. Not exactly timely, though. #
  • Also of note, 1" of snow caused dozens of accidents and actually killed 1 man on I-65. What if this happens during the Super Bowl? #
  • You should know that this 1 inch of snow cost Indy $58,000 in salt, hours, etc. Wouldn't it be cheaper to have everyone stay home? #
  • It is 1:15 am and I can't sleep. So, I just spent the last half hour reading about the proposed Health Care bills. #
  • Looks like Hoosiers have another show about us. ABC has this "The Middle" show: #
  • Hey, guess where I don't have to go tomorrow! That's right — the office. #
  • No kidding: Mr. Burns nets most write-in votes (29) for Mayor of NYC: #
  • I have no desire to turn on the TV. Someone tell me how our horses are doing. #
  • Baking a baked potato for lunch. Will garnish with butter, parsley and bacon bits. I know you care. #
  • Matt Tully writing for the Indy Star has an interesting column about a student arrested at school with a gun: #

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