This Week’s Tweets

  • Looks like I'll be required to buy health ins. I'm sure it'll be like car ins., which isn't affordable, either and penalizes my age. #
  • Dear HP, B/c your PCs ship with Rhapsody, Snapfish and other free crap doesn't make it a good deal. It still makes them crap. Thx. – Justin #
  • Leo Morris writing in Ft. Wayne: "Gary should merge with Merrillville, and we could call it Gary Merrill." #
  • The "Eye on Springfield" blog is full of great Simpsons moments. #
  • For everyone who donated to Al Franken's Senate campaign: it was worth every penny. #
  • AC/DC, Ozzy and a lot of Iron coming May 2010. Iron Man trailer: #
  • Infographic: Unemployment data for men, women, races, ages and education levels. #
  • Best bet for not being unemployed? Be a 25-44 y/o white guy w/ a degree. 50% of black 15-24 y/o men w/ no HS diploma currently unemployed. #
  • Funny: designing a stop sign by committee: #
  • I wonder why John McCain never tweets anymore. #
  • Interesting back story on speedskater Shani Davis calling Stephen Colbert a 'jerk'. #
  • I get to teach my web design class this afternoon at New Tech High. Sharp kids. #
  • I took it and so should you—The Survey For People Who Make Websites, 2009: #
  • Indy Tech Social Event is tomorrow night at 6! Refresh, IndyFlash, IMERG, IndyFlex, SIGGRAPH and more. Learn more #
  • Turns out, you can actually pay to have anonymous poop sent to someone you hate: #

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