This Week’s Tweets

  • I don't care who knows it, I love @mymanmitch. I just got my property tax statement. With a 433.37% DECREASE from last year!! $2,500 -> $400 #
  • RT: @indystar: Early and frightening photo of the #465crash fireball. Good work @Noahwesley #
  • Apple launches new Get A Mac ads in response to Windows 7. Funny! #
  • More: Ind. State Police report steel girders and a pillar were 'blown out' from under I-465. #
  • The Star is reporting that I-465 on the NE side may be closed for WEEKS #
  • RT @robalan: HAHA… Good thing about MS Store is once the're out of business Apple can refurbish the stores easily. #
  • Hate crime law passes to protect gays. Moves to Obama for signature. Passed by "magic paperclip" on Defense Bill. #
  • RT @refreshindy: We're throwing a party in a couple of weeks and you're invited! #
  • Do I hear the Mayor fiddling while #Indy burns? No? Oh. I'm being told the Mayor has no control anyway. Nevermind. Too soon. #
  • I hear that Castleton is on fire. That sucks. #
  • "Will you marry me?" – Mario Bros. style. What will they tell their grandkids? #
  • Successfully finished homework by randomly selecting "True" on every other question. And passed! #
  • I'm in your Internets. Working. #
  • Good day for technology. Lots of new Apple products and Barnes & Noble's e-Book reader, Nook, looks very nice, too. #
  • New Rule: "Urban" people who insist on wearing pants that are too big for their waist have to stop wearing pants. #
  • My inbox is flowing with work. I secretly like that. #
  • Enjoying a nice evening on the couch watching Andy Griffith with my laptop and getting things done. #
  • Turned in deposit and checked out space for @RefreshIndy's 1st birthday. A special kind of cake will make an appearance, too. #
  • RT: @refreshindy: Our 1stbirthday is on 11/4 at Jillian's Downtown! They're 15 days left to RSVP. Visit for details. #
  • RT @refreshindy: Only 16 days left to register for Refresh Indy's 1st birthday! Learn more at! #Indy #Web #

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