Thoughts on Obama and the State of the Union

Obama said a few things today. Generally, he came across as a smart ass which I absolutely want to see more of. As I always say, “It’s a heckuva lot better than being a dumbass.”

What gets me is that there wasn’t anything that man said that anyone should disagree with. If so, you only disagree with what you perceive as his personal agenda to “git ya”. Frankly, if anyone disagrees with these things you should go bury your head in cement:

  1. Everyone should have access to healthcare – i.e., no dropping people when they’re at their weakest and don’t deny people for things that happened to them in the past.
  2. The last 8 years of Republican spending have left us in a hole.
  3. Obama’s current spending has caused more debt, but I (and even Mr. Anti-Deficit Gov. Mitch Daniels) credit him for at least attempting to throw something different at the wall to see if it sticks.
  4. Government is here to give a voice to the minorities – you pricks that think gays should be shut out of everything in life should shut up and piss off. If you hate ’em so bad, why not stick ’em on the front lines so they can be shot at and killed like everyone else that wants to. How Republicans can’t get past that is beyond me.
  5. Companies deserve to be “fairly compensated and rewarded”, but I don’t think our forefathers envisioned a world where a handful of companies could kill, pillage and rape the earth and our citizens like the kinds of companies we have today. (See: Monsanto, Dow Agro, Aetna, Wellpoint, News Corp, etc.)
  6. People have got to stop telling the other party “NO” just because they’re of the other party. I swear, I lost all hope in this democracy when Al Franken’s “Anti-Rape” bill didn’t pass in ten seconds. Senate Republicans cock-blocked him on every possible attempt. What the heck is wrong with you people?!
  7. Our nation’s universities have got to get over themselves and stop thinking of themselves as two-faced public/private entities. You can’t have it both ways. Cut your crap and make your product cheap and good.
  8. Banks can go to hell.
  9. Iraq has to put up or shut up. Get your shit together because we’re tired of dealing with your hell hole. We have plenty of hell holes right here in America – like Elkhart, Indiana.
  10. Politicians have to grow some balls.

If nothing else, I was hoping he’d at least announce a plan to cap foreclosures. Foreclosures aren’t good for anyone. If a family of four is foreclosed on, you end up with four homeless people needing more assistance, you have a neighborhood with an empty house ready for criminals to jump into and you screw with the kids’ educational attainment because they likely get shuffled to a new school. If you get laid off or make a decent attempt at starting a rational business or get slammed with a ridiculous healthcare bill, then by god, if you can’t make your payments in a recession banks have to be forced to forgo foreclosing on you for at least 12-18 months. And, they have to give you the chance to pay back the owed payments during that time. The only people that want that foreclosed house is the people that lived there.

Also, Republicans have to stop giggling every time someone mentions Twitter of Facebook. You wonder why you’re so out of touch with young Americans (people under the age of 40). It’s because everything you do is fake and half-assed.

Democrats, again, have to grow some balls.

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