Today’s Twitter Updates

  • Waiting for ER to come on. Working on a video at the moment. #
  • Rendering video. Watching ER. Noticing that my alma matter in Salem has a suspension rate of 69.7 — whatever that means. #
  • I’m utterly exhausted. Video is rendered, uploading and I’m off to bed. Back tomorrow morning with wittier responses. I promi-zzzz… #
  • I’m up, working on homework today. Who’s with me! Yeah! #
  • My to-do list for is now empty. I think I’m about done barring some disaster in IE. #
  • @jimfore — do you have a copy of the streaming media server info Huang gave us? I seem to have a lost mine. I just need IP info. #
  • @jimfore — thanks, but I just found it. One of the cats knocked it off behind my desk (see how hard I was looking for it?) #
  • Thinking pasta and tuna sounds tasty and quick for din din. My to-do list is 1/3 complete. #

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