Today’s Twitter Updates

  • Just destoryed Libya and Russia in my conquest in Red Alert 2. #
  • How does a toilet not work? Seriously. It’s the most reliable thing since the dog. #
  • I thought I was a shoe-in for Time’s “Person of the Year” award. #
  • @mooshinindy Call Adobe. Tell them you want a cross-platform license. They’ll send you new Mac DVDs for $6 S&H. #
  • @mooshinindy I did this when I switched. I was asked to sign a contract to destroy the Win. disks. I had CS3 in my mailbox three days later. #
  • Working on creating a Ning group. #
  • Waiting on Joe the Plumber to arrive at my home and fix the toilet that called in sick today. #
  • From the IndyStar: “Slick conditions also caused a bush to crash in the parking lot of a school.” A bush crashed? Was it named “George”? #
  • @jackola may I ask what your daily creative project is? #

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