Today’s Twitter Updates

  • Making Italian Chicken and Dumplings with Ciabatta bread for din din. #
  • Okay, I don’t get Quicksilver, too. Why would I want to hit Alt+Space, type a program and “Enter” when I can click one icon in the dock? #
  • So, I’m testing Growl for the first time on OS X. I find it very buggy and never really does what I want. It’s not very smart. #
  • Baking lemon bars. #
  • Working on a new website and watching Paula’s Home Cooking on Food Network. #
  • So, this may be a dumb question, but does this mean we’re NOT going to the Superbowl? #
  • Wall-E’s funniest moment (probably only for me): the startup chime for Wall-E is the same as OS X’s. Clever Pixar, clever. #

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