Today’s Twitter Updates

  • I think I’ll make tuna sandwiches for din din and see what movies are available on iTunes. #
  • Facebook is clearly out of ideas. They’re suggesting friends to me with the reason “you both live in Indianapolis.” Great. Thx. #
  • House is cleaned. Groceries are bought. Now it’s time to repeat the process. #
  • Time to clean the house #
  • Getting ready to run off to the grocery store. #
  • It’s a heat wave! We’ve hit double digit temperatures! #
  • I had a productive day of work while off work. Now it’s time for a drink and bed. Night all! #
  • I just snapped 70 photos in 3 hours. That includes un and re-packaging products, too. #
  • Elton John is coming to Indy! I think he’s with some Billy Joel guy, but Elton is coming! Elton is coming! #
  • Show of hands: Who has been or knows someone who has been affected by a layoff? #
  • Taking photos of wooden fish. #

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Photo of Justin Harter


Justin has been around the Internet long enough to remember when people started saying “content is king”.

He has worked for some of Indiana’s largest companies, state government, taught college-level courses, and about 1.1M people see his work every year.

You’ll probably see him around Indianapolis on a bicycle.

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