Today’s Twitter Updates

  • I think I’ll make tuna sandwiches for din din and see what movies are available on iTunes. #
  • Facebook is clearly out of ideas. They’re suggesting friends to me with the reason “you both live in Indianapolis.” Great. Thx. #
  • House is cleaned. Groceries are bought. Now it’s time to repeat the process. #
  • Time to clean the house #
  • Getting ready to run off to the grocery store. #
  • It’s a heat wave! We’ve hit double digit temperatures! #
  • I had a productive day of work while off work. Now it’s time for a drink and bed. Night all! #
  • I just snapped 70 photos in 3 hours. That includes un and re-packaging products, too. #
  • Elton John is coming to Indy! I think he’s with some Billy Joel guy, but Elton is coming! Elton is coming! #
  • Show of hands: Who has been or knows someone who has been affected by a layoff? #
  • Taking photos of wooden fish. #

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