Today’s Twitter Updates

  • RT @bilerico – Can you say something nice about BushCo? #
  • Show of hands: who doesn’t want to work tomorrow? If we get enough supporters we can just vote to close American for a day. Democracy works! #
  • Just downloaded and installed iWork 09. It looks pretty sweet. #
  • Anyone taking part in Obama’s Day of Service? #
  • Official Indiana State Beverage: Kool-aid? Lemonade? Tea? Nope. Wait for it…wait for it…WATER! #
  • Soap microbeads are made from puppy tears: #
  • r/t @LPIN New NBC Comedy set in Indiana Government Bureaucracy: #
  • Would some please tell me wtf a microbead is? #
  • Desperate Housewives was…on. #

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