Today’s Twitter Updates

  • Not sure how I feel about MacHeads, the Movie: #
  • Updating another website. Let the good files roll… #
  • If’s techs didn’t sound Indian, they sounded New England. FAIL. My midwestern anti-accent ears can’t comprehend. #
  • Some kid went walking through my yard. I HATE THAT. Now all the snow is roughed up and uneven in the back. I like nice even layers. #
  • I just joined LinkedIn. I know, I’m a late bloomer: #
  • My deck table is a mushroom: #
  • Charlie is not amused by snow: #
  • I have a path cleared in the driveway just big enough for the car. Now if only the plows would arrive… #
  • Snow is deeper than my dog. Looks like he’s going to have to hold it. #
  • Snow is deeper than my car. I will not be attending work until my street gets plowed. #
  • #Indy RT b/c it’s funny: Among the 132 reported accidents in Indy: “recklessly-driven lawn mower at 72nd and Fitch Ave.” #
  • Just spent two hours writing my next column for the Salem Leader. I need to get my website updated with these, huh? #
  • Starbucks to stop brewing decaf after noon: #

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