Today’s Twitter Updates

  • Just download my five books for the price of one at to benefit Australian fire victims. #
  • I’m going to go make Sloppy Joe’s. And eat them with a fork. That’s right. #
  • I just emptied the dishwasher and spilled water on my pants. #
  • I’m looking for open source wikis I can host on my own server. Any suggestions? #
  • I’ve been awake since 1am. If there were ever a day to call in sick. HA! Right. That’ll be on a warm day in February…oh, wait. #
  • Tweet ‘Tweet @srcoley to win a free copy of Things by CulturedCode.’ #
  • In a hurry and Flash video won’t plan on my site. Forced to use QuickTime object and move on… #
  • I’m working on developing an internship program. What are YOU doing!? #
  • Obama to U.S.: Elkhart has 15% unemployment. Aren’t you glad you don’t live in this hell hole? Approve my stimulus before it’s too late! #
  • Okay, so now I’m up to 89 followers. Come on Tweeple, help me get to 100! #

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Photo of Justin Harter


Justin has been around the Internet long enough to remember when people started saying “content is king”.

He has worked for some of Indiana’s largest companies, state government, taught college-level courses, and about 1.1M people see his work every year.

You’ll probably see him around Indianapolis on a bicycle.

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