Today’s Twitter Updates

  • This stimulus bill sucks. No tax breaks, grants, etc. for me. I already bought a house and can’t afford frickin’ solar panels. Thx. #
  • Reading about what the stimulus means for me. So far, I get $13 more per paycheck. If that means I keep hitting potholes, keep my $13. #
  • I’m about to dig into some US Patent Law. #
  • My state Rep. just sent me a handwritten letter to thank me for giving him the idea to “fix IndyGo before investing in more mass transit.” #
  • I’m workin’ on the toobz. #
  • Bill Maher speaks for the first time since the last three or four government bailouts: #
  • I’m drinking wine and watching a preview of Bill Maher’s new season. That’s right. Wine. #
  • Does anyone use Facebook pokes anymore? #
  • Bill Maher’s Religulous has shipped! Should be here by next weekend! Who wants a Religulous party!? #

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