Today’s Twitter Updates

  • Inbox ZERO! WOO! I have no emails in my inbox. I even have a clean(er) garage and clean(er) car! #
  • I’ve concluded that Sir Paul must have been high or drunk when he wrote “Vintage Clothes”. #
  • The Simpson’s NEW opening credits is Laugh Out Loud funny! #
  • I’m going to go clean the garage. Fun! #
  • I just ate a big ol’ bowl of strawberries and ice cream. Aren’t you jealous? #
  • I have a habit of leaving files open all weekend thinking that eventually I’ll get to work on them. Now I have to restart for updates. Bah! #
  • I’m really in the mood for a big breakfast this morning. #
  • I think I’ll go to bed now. G’night ya’ll. #
  • I’m enjoying a quiet evening with ER. #

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