Today’s Twitter Updates

  • Does anyone know if you can still purchase stamps by leaving money in the mailbox? Or is that just a So. Ind. thing? #
  • may have the dumbest polls of any news organization. #
  • I just ate some tasty shrimp, mashed potatoes and tuna for din din. AND I had a bowl of strawberries and ice cream for dessert. #
  • Attention Windows users! What do you see here: –  – ? Is it a square, ‘K’, or an Apple logo? @jackola and I are curious to know. #
  • I spent most of the day in meetings, working on a printer-friendly webpage and an organization chart. How ’bout you? #
  • It’s morning in America. I guess that means we have to go to work now. #
  • Just a reminder before I go watch Desp. Housewives: Refresh Indy meetup in just a couple weeks. #
  • Going to watch the Simpsons now. #

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