Today’s Twitter Updates

  • “Module” is the dumbest word I’ve heard all day. I hate it. Because it’s dumb. #
  • Moobama: #
  • Holy crap! Only one thing went catastrophically wrong in my test with IE. I must be awesome. Or lucky. #
  • I have a website that works in Safari and Firefox. Now it’s time to test IE. *crosses fingers* #
  • At least the snow fills up all of Indy’s potholes. #
  • It sure does like to snow here. #
  • Does anyone use Gold’s Gym? Either on the east side or the NW side location? I wonder how much it costs per month… #
  • I’m going to go burrow deep into the bed until the snow passes over central Indiana. I’ll be back come spring. #
  • I’m really, really tired. #
  • I’m working on the Internets. And watching Andy Griffith. And drinking a glass of water. I’m so awesome. #

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