Today’s Twitter Updates

  • Hey Refreshers, you can go ahead and RSVP for our 4/1 meetup. #
  • I need a new profile pic. Any suggestions? Image vs. photo? Head shot vs. abstract? Maybe a shot of my abs like a MySpace photo!? #
  • On hold with some company called ProStores. I know nothing about them. I’m just supposed to login without knowing what my ID and PW are. #
  • I’m about to sit here and write and code and produce until it hurts. #
  • BIG NEWS! This is my 1,158th tweet. I’m glad I could use this space for such an historic moment. #
  • Wells County, Indiana: Just a courthouse in a corn field. With really tall corn: #
  • I’m up. Where’s my reward? #
  • It’s apparent to me that it is time to retire to the master bedroom for the evening. #

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