Today’s Twitter Updates

  • Live Twittering Daniels v. Thompson until I get bored. Watch live at #
  • Learning about a music CD for sale on WFYI. Maybe Daniels’ theme song is “Feel the Love”. #
  • Politics as usual…debate is seven minutes late. Did these people not have the foresight to plan ahead? Just turn the camera on! #
  • Thompson: Privatization = Bad! #
  • Thompson: I have an MBA and a PhD. See! That makes me smarter than you! Vote for me! #
  • Daniels: Only privatize things that make sense and things you can look up in the Yellow Pages. #
  • Daniels: G’ment can only make a good environment for jobs. Ind. ranked “most attractive state outside of sunbelt” for job growth. #
  • Thompson: “I voted against NAFTA in Congress.” (I’m skeptical about her claim of “never raising taxes”.) #
  • Daniels: “Ms. Thompson, So many falsehoods. So little time.” …”We’ve delivered the biggest property tax drop in state history. #
  • Thompson: “As Bush’s Budget Director, Daniels engineered the biggest deficit in the world.” [That’s a stretch if you ask me.] #
  • Thompson: “We have to work together with a real plan.” [No word on what that plan is] #
  • Thompson wants voters to vote on DST in Ind. Daniels reminds us we now only have two time zones and not three, then proceeds to not respond. #
  • Daniels wants to use lottery to give two free years of school to Ind. college students. Thompson wants to expand 21st century scholars. #
  • Independent candidate Horning: “School is just babysitting and sports.” #
  • Long-Thompson is a walking talking-point. I say Daniels is the winner. What do you think @DougMasson? #
  • Daniels’ CNBC claim checks out: #
  • @DougMasson I don’t think her continued mention of her PhD and MBA really helps. Pisses me off in a “holier than thou” way. #
  • Maybe I should run for Governor of Indiana…”Just 4 Justin” makes for a great yard sign, right? #
  • Here comes the paycheck! …There goes the paycheck! #
  • I forgot my banana at home. Now I’m hungry. #
  • What is this terrible smell permeating our fair city today? #

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