Today’s Twitter Updates

  • Charlie (the dog) finds the Ice Cream Man’s melody just as annoying as I do. He’s already growling and it’s still a few blocks away. #
  • Anyone know if IE8 lets you run in IE7 mode? I don’t want to upgrade if I have to lose IE7 for testing reasons. #
  • Where can I find a RSS feed to push into Boxee? #
  • Why do I think I could single-handedly save the government billions if only they’d ask me? #
  • Am I the only person that doesn’t care about the NCAA? #
  • #Comcast blows more than the #Fail Whale. #
  • The designer in me wants to learn a language. So, I’m learning PHP. #
  • Just spent all night tinkering with crap on Looks about as bad as when I started. I guess. #

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