Today’s Twitter Updates

  • “The Singhsons”, the Indian version of the Simpsons. Features Omar and Bartinder: #
  • House is cleaned. Preparing to wash the dog and both cats to make sure the cleanliness sticks around. #
  • Wait a minute, you can vote on university fees? #
  • Dog woke me up. He wanted to go outside. All he did was go sit on the porch to look stoic. #
  • And there’s the rain here in Beech Grove, SE #Indy. Checking for hail… #
  • I guess I’d better go get the flashlight. Storms approaching Beech Grove in SE #Indy. #
  • No rain, wind, hail or storms here yet in Beech Grove. #
  • Batten down the hatches! The storm’s a brewin’! #

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