Today’s Twitter Updates

  • Alright, now that everyone appears to know about Michael Jackson's death, what's the next shiny thing we'll all gawk at? #
  • Iran must be fixed now. Jackson and Fawcett have taken the lead as "more important". Bad things come in threes — who's next? #
  • Digg has a story on Jackson that's already surpassed 3,000 diggs. Refresh the page and just watch it go up: #
  • The news is falling all over itself with Michael Jackson. CNN says he's in a coma, MSNBC says he's dead, ABC says coma, CBS is asleep… #
  • TMZ is reporting that Michael Jackson has died: #
  • Weee! INBOX ZER…err, nine. #
  • Don't make me turn this day around because I will so turn this day around if you don't stop screaming. #
  • RT @RefreshIndy – Refresh is 1 wk. away! We'd love to see all of Indy's designers and developers there. More at #

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